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Digital X-Ray

Comprehensive Digital x-ray service,
low dose x-ray machines

High Quality, Low Dose

materimaging has invested in two State of the art GE Defininum low dose x-ray machines. Together with our highly trained, Medical Radiation Board accredited radiographers, we are dedicated to providing high quality imaging at the lowest possible radiation dose and with minimal wait times.

Digital X-rays are a widely available medical imaging examination commonly used to visualise the chest, airways, spine and bones. At materimaging, as well as performing all general x-rays, we also perform a wide range of dental x-rays and Chiropractic spine views.

Due to our two Digital x-ray rooms and our skilled team, there is normally only a 15 minute wait time for a general x-ray with no appointment required.

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As part of the extensive service materimaging provides, we routinely perform Osteodensitometries. This is a non invasive test used to measure bone mineral density (BMD) and is most commonly used to diagnose osteoporosis and will help your doctor monitor your bone density over time to determine the most appropriate treatment.

Osteoporosis involves the gradual loss of calcium causing the bone structure to become thinner and more fragile. Osteodensitometry is also used to track the progress of those patients being treated for osteoporosis and can also help assess an individual's risk for developing fractures.

When the bone density measurements are obtained, they are compared against the normal population of people of the same age, sex and ethnic background, and also against normal young adults. In some cases a companion x-ray of your lower back from the side will be taken.

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II Screening Procedures

As part of our comprehensive service, we also provide a screening procedures service including Barium Swallows. These II screening procedures require an appointment so please call one of our friendly team to make your booking.

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Breastfeeding after a Radiologic Examination

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