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Digitally Access Results

Intele Connect

materimaging offers the top of the line digital viewing system Intelerad, available in multiple formats (iPAD, iPhone, PC, Mac, smartphone) through Intelleviewer and Intelleconnect portals

This allows you access to your patients images immediately upon completion of the scan. Upon signoff of the reports we can ensure that the report is either emailed or faxed directly through to you for your convenience.

Intelerad is easy to install and use. To request further information please contact

Apply for a Mater Imaging account
Online Image access to InteleConnect
Email support for setting up InteleViewer on PC or MAC


Your patients are our priority

As part of materimaging's commitment to deliver a premium high quality service, our department has been designed around your patients needs. One of our friendly and caring customer service representatives will assist your patient as soon as they arrive.

During your patient's scan, our team of highly qualified radiographers and sonographers along with our specialty trained Radiologist will provide your patient with exceptional quality imaging and care.

Together with our friendly and compassionate team and state of the art technology, we here at materimaging will ensure that your patients receive the high standard of care we are renown for.


Our Specialty Trained Radiologist

Our onsite radiologists are specialty trained and are happy to assist with any enquires you may have.

Dr Brett Hines
Dr Merran McKessar
Dr Sebastian Fung
Dr Senan Nagaratnam
Dr Rony Kapoor
Dr Judy Soper
Dr Arash Azimi-Tabrizi
Dr Haewon Kim


Download Referral Pads

To Download a materimaging referral in PDF format please click select one of the following:

A4 Computer Ref Pad
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