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EOS Imaging

What is EOS Imaging?

The EOS system provides low dose, full body, radiographic images in a functional standing position. The EOS system is designed around a vertically traveling arm supporting two image acquisition systems mounted at right angles. Each acquisition system is composed of an X-ray tube and a linear detector.

This unique biplanar design and linear, vertical scanning technique acquires frontal and lateral images simultaneously.

How long does an EOS take?
EOS imaging is extremely fast, requiring only 20 seconds to acquire images for adults and 15 seconds for children.

EOS Imaging

Reduction in Radiation dose

  • Patient’s radiation dose decreased by 45% compared to a DR system and 85% compared to a CR system

  • Substitution of specific CT exams with an EOS exam to reduce the patient’s radiation dose by 95%

  • Micro Dose protocol for a full spine exam (frontal and lateral) at a dose that’s equivalent to only a week’s worth of natural radiation

  • Peace of mind for conditions requiring repeated scans for progress and monitoring such as Scoliosis and lower limb orthopaedic conditions
EOS Imaging

Clinical benefits

  • Comprehend compensation mechanisms between the spine, hip and knee thanks to full body, weight-bearing images

  • Calculate precise 2D and 3D measurements, free from magnification and stitching bias

  • Improved diagnostics due to high image quality and over 65,000 grey levels for excellent contrast

EOS Imaging

The cost of an EOS examination

Mater Imaging is happy to Bulk bill the cost of an EOS exam to eligible Medicare card holders.

EOS Imaging