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Low Dose CT Scan

High Quality, Low Dose Imaging
Up To 65%1 Reduction In Dose

High Quality, Low Dose CT Scan

materimaging's low dose, up to 65%1 reduction, high definition GE Gemstone CT scanner dramatically reduces the dose of a CT scan without compromising image quality allowing us to provide you with an exceptional standard of care.

We understand that this is an increasingly important issue for many patients and we are committed to ensuring you receive high quality imaging at the lowest dose possible.

materimaging's low dose GE Gemstone CT scanner, coupled together with our team of dedicated professionals provides you with an exceptional standard of care.

1. CT Radiation DLP comparison to 16 slice on Cardiac, Abdomen and Spinal imaging. Results may vary due to patient size and scanning protocol.

CT Scan

What is CT (Computed Tomography)

As a diagnostic imaging tool, Computed Tomography (CT) provides powerful information that may not otherwise be available.

CT scans provide a form of imaging know as thin slice cross-sectional imaging that enable the radiologist to define structures in the body.It can also assist in guiding the radiologist during procedures for pain management such as CT Steroid injections or Peri-Radicular epidural therapy injection for sciatica.

CT Scan North Shore

Cardiac imaging & Coronary CT Angiography

Our GE Gemstone CT scanner also specialises in Cardiac Imaging producing exceptional high definition images and 3D reconstructions of the whole heart. The 3D images are interpreted by RANZCR Accredited and highly experienced Cardiac CT Radiologists to assess coronary artery disease.

Cardiac imaging consists of two parts, the cardiac coronary angiogram and the calcium score. The angiogram produces images of your heart arteries showing any narrowing. The calcium score measures the amount of calcium build up in the plaque in the coronary arteries. This is done at dose levels less than the typical average background radiation dose.

CT Guided Periradicular ⁄ Epidural Steroid Injections

materimaging has always strived to provided the latest in medical imaging which is why we were the first imaging centre in Sydney to perform Periradicular/Epidural Steroid injections under CT guidance back in 1997. Our specialty trained Radiologists have performed over 20,000 of these injections.

CT Guided Periradicular/Epidural Steroid Injections are administered to patients suffering from sciatica predominately, which is usually due to a disc protrusion or degenerative stenosis.

Facet Blocks can be used for back pain if appropriate.

CT Scan North Shore

CT Preparation

Please click here to download information on CT Preparations.

CT Scan North Shore

Breastfeeding after a Radiologic Examination

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CT Scan